wilson is a Python package for running, matching, and translating Wilson coefficients beyond the Standard Model above and below the electroweak scale. It supports the complete set of dimension-6 operators in the Standard Model EFT and the weak effective theory.

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Things you can do with the wilson package

RG running & matching

Run your new physics Wilson coefficients above the electroweak scale within the Standard Model EFT (SMEFT) or below it within the weak effective theory (WET) with appropriate numbers of flavours, with automatic matching

Basis translation

Automatically translate between different Wilson coefficient bases defined in the Wilson coefficient exchange format

Interface to other codes

Built on top of the Wilson coefficient exchange format, wilson can import and export Wilson coefficients to a number of public codes. In particular, a host of low-energy observables can be calculated with the flavio Python package.


Jason Aebischer, Jacky Kumar, David M. Straub: wilson

arXiv Inspire



If you have Python 3, simply type python3 -m pip install wilson in your terminal


Jump into the wilson example Jupyter notebook and play around with the code live in your browser!

API docs

A detailed documentation of all classes, functions, and methods can be found in the wilson API documentation

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